Being a writer myself, I know many of the difficulties that writers have with English grammar and word usage. Also, being fresh out of college, I know the problems that arise when certain teachers and professors have strong preferences toward Chicago Style over AP Style or vice versa. Sifting through style manuals can be tedious work, oftentimes leaving you more confused than when you started.

I started this site to help writers of all ages, of all backgrounds, and of all styles. Whether you are in class writing your next academic research paper, relaxing while writing a narrative essay, or drafting your latest press release, this site is designed with you in mind. It provides not only basic grammatical instructions for beginners but also detailed styling methods for advanced writers. I hope that you will find it useful.

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Daily Writing Guide to Improve Writing

Many students start dreaming about somebody who can write my essay when there are any complications with the assignment. Often, when writing content or academic papers, various questions and the need for help may arise. Someone does not know how to properly format quotes, and novice essay writers may have questions about the structure of the text. No matter what questions you have, we are ready to help you with them.

But what if you stop to think about “who can write my essay” and start to get easy and useful tips? We are here to share various practical tips and tricks from professional writers with which you can improve your writing skills. You will find information on various topics ranging from grammar to the basics of style. We strive to provide you with excellent assistance, so we are ready to cover any topic that interests you and provide practical recommendations. Contact us and indicate what topic you are interested in, and we will publish the answer soon.

Chicago Style Tips

How often “Chicago Style” causes sleepless nights and constant edits among young essay writers. After all, it is important here not only to follow the instructions for quoting but also to remember grammar. This style was developed by the university of the same name and is the preferred style for essay writers in history and social sciences.

Also, this system is often used by researchers and scientists, so students will have to get acquainted with this style sooner or later. When writing academic papers, the use of the citation style is mandatory, so every student and anyone who comes across scientific and academic texts should understand the basics of this style. The essence of the citation system is that the reader can understand which pieces of text are essay writers’ and which are quotations.

So, in the Chicago Guide, there are many rules and clear guidelines for what and how to include in your text. Is it time to think “who can write my essay?” Stop the panic! Want to understand how things work when it comes to Chicago style? Want to know how to properly cite sources? All this you can find here in a simple and understandable language. You will get examples with which you can forget about sleepless nights when you need to format your text according to the Chicago style. With the help of the following articles, you will find generalized requirements that will be useful to both students and essay writers.

AP Style Tips

AP style is used by professional writers for writing news content, for example, to write articles for magazines or newspapers. This style implies basic rules of grammar and punctuation, which include special styles for numbers, capital letters, abbreviations, and so on. Why should you use this style? In publishing, this allows you to achieve unity of writing, easy perception of content, and conciseness. Today, this style is relevant even in the online space. For this reason, anyone who works with the content should familiarize themselves with the base of this style.

When it comes to preparing a text according to the requirements of this style, a beginner can have not only a lot of questions but also a real shock of having to study 500 pages of requirements. But what if you find out that all those 500 pages can be reduced to just five categories? To master this style, it is worth understanding numbers, dates, the use of capital letters, headings, and, of course, quotes.

In the following articles, you will find short and simple guides that will help you understand the basics of style easily and simply. Examples and guidelines from professional writers are what you will find to create your text according to this style. Therefore, you will not need to spend a lot of time learning the basics of this style, everything will be simple and accessible.

Writing Quotes for Good Mood

In addition to practical advice for essay writers and students, we have something else. How about breaking up your writing routine? Perhaps you lack a little humor, motivation, and life advice? Then you have to take a look at the “Writing Quotes” section. Here we have prepared for you a selection of various quotes that will cheer you up, make you start writing, or just laugh.

By the way, we are also ready to accept your favorite quotes. Why not share this experience? Just send your favorite quotes in the comments, and we will publish them in this section.

If suddenly you need help with the compilation of quotes, our professional writers are willing to help you with this.

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